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In addition to facilitation of housing for employees on assignment overseas, our experienced staff are also able to arrange the office space, stores, and factories necessary to do business in the local area. Founded in 1973, Leopalace 21 has grown with the real estate business over the years and now manages over 560,000 apartments within Japan. We are honored to have approximately 79%* of listed companies use our services.
With our track record of trust and accumulated know-how, we are confident that we will find the perfect international apartments to meet our clients' needs.
*Based on internal data

The same detail-oriented service found in Japan

The same detail-oriented service found in Japan

Leopalace 21's comprehensive support system provides customers with everything from help with pre-move procedures to detailed post-move follow-up. This allows us to provide the kind of care that removes any concerns regarding trouble arising from cultural or language barriers in your new home. What's more, Leopalace 21 international branches employ full-time Japanese staff members in order to maintain a close connection to Japan and provide the same level of service found at our Japan Service Center.

Support for ASEAN expansion

Support for ASEAN expansion

In today's increasingly globalized society, the world is turning its attention to the ASEAN countries where growth is rapid; indeed, Japanese companies representing all industries are also among those extending their reach overseas. Leopalace 21 meets the needs of today's business environments, and will continue to grow in its never-ending quest to pursue customer satisfaction.

International branches where real estate intermediary services are available

Leopalace 21 is currently building up its intermediary service (introduction and mediation) network to offer residences, offices, stores, factories, and more, with a focus in the Asian region and in ASEAN countries. Each international branch employs Japanese and local Japanese-speaking staff members to provide detail-oriented services within a comprehensive support structure.
※In the Philippines, we partner with local real estate agencies to provide services.

We will also be expanding our business base in Asia in order to provide Japanese corporations with worldwide coverage of our real estate brokerage services -- the same services we offer in Japan.

International real estate brokerage services

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