Frequently asked questions from site visitors.

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You can move in on the same day you sign a lease.
Furniture and appliances are provided so you can move in at any time.
Yes. You can look at apartments any time between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily.
If you make an appointment in advance, we can provide a Japanese or English -language speaker.
The up-front fee is a one-month security deposit plus one month's rent in advance.
No. There are no brokerage charges.
The water bill is included in the rent, but electricity is not.
Electricity is charged at 8 THB per 1 unit.
*1 unit is equivalent to 1,000W—the amount used to run the air conditioner for about one hour.
Tableware is included. There are no extra charges for kitchen goods.
Yes, these are included. Room cleaning and towel changes are provided daily. Linens are changed twice a week.
Additional charges are as follows:
• Laundry service (beyond the allotted number of items)
• Additional resident (beyond the number specified for the apartment)
• Additional breakfasts (when other family members visit for short stays, etc.)
Private rental
• Photo page of passport
• Business card (in Thailand; can be provided at a later date)
Corporate rental
• Photo page of passport
• Photo page of passport of company representative
• Business card (in Thailand; can be provided at a later date)
• Copy of certificate of incorporation
Yes. Both private and corporate contracts are available. Corporate contracts are limited to Thai-based local subsidiaries.
It is possible, but the contracting party must pay for the sending of documents, such as the reservation certificate and contract.
No. The currency for payment is the Thai baht.
Yes. The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay.
Yes. Receipts can be issued either to an individual or a company.
However, if it is within one year of the signing of a contract, the deposit will not be returned.
After one year, the deposit will be returned only if the contract termination/relocation is due to company circumstances, and notice is provided 30 days prior to moving out, together with a company-issued proof of reassignment, etc.
No. Pets are not allowed.
No. All shared facilities are non-smoking. We also do not allow smoking in rooms. If you wish to smoke, please go out on the balcony.