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About Serviced Offices in General

What are the advantages of using a serviced office?
The Leopalace Serviced Office are provided all of the equipment and services needed to start a business, so you can keep down initial costs for setting up an office, and get started doing business right away. Also, you have the flexibility of choosing a room size and period of use according to your needs.
Where are the serviced offices?
Lim Tower is located at Le Thanh Ton Street and Ton Duc Thang Street with many Japanese restaurants and financial institutions.
The offices are in a prime location with easy access to all districts and good access to the expressway.
Many Japaneseforeign capital companies has offices in and around the building.
Address: Lim Tower 25F, 9-11 Ton Duc Thang Street,District 1, Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
What is the surrounding vicinity like?
There are many offices of foreign capital companies nearby. It has good access from the airport, taking only about 30 minutes to the office. Inside the office building are a mini mart and restaurants, and there are restaurants serving Japanese and other international cuisine in the area, making dining out easy. For more information click here (Access Map and Vicinity).
Is it possible to see the offices first?
Yes. Please contact us and set up a date to come and have a look.
Can a serviced office be used as the address for a corporate registration (SEC registration)?
Yes, it can. Please contact us if you need an address registered for a corporate registration (SEC registration). We will give you the necessary documents to fill out.
How long is a contract for a serviced office, and what type of contract is it?
Co-working space contracts are possible for a period of one day or more.
The contract type is a services contract.
What is the policy on smoking/no smoking?
There is no smoking allowed anywhere inside the office building.

About the Contracts and Payments

What documents are needed to enter into a serviced office contract?

Screening is required before a contract can be signed. Please submit the following documents.

For corporate contracts

  • ・Application for screening書
  • ・For companies that have a registered local affiliate: a copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and a copy of Investment Registration Certificate (IRC)
  • ・For companies that do not yet have a registered local affiliate: a copy of the Japanese company registration
  • ・A copy of the representative's passport
  • ・Photo ID documentation for each person who will use the office

For individual contracts

  • ・Application for screening
  • ・Business content explanation sheet
  • ・For companies that do not yet have a registered local affiliate: a copy of the Japanese company registration
  • ・ID documentation for the signatory
  • ・Photo ID documentation for each person who will use the office
What currency is used for the contract fee and monthly lease payments?
Payments are to be made in Vietnamese dong.
How is monthly rent paid?
Invoices are sent out each month. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or cash.
Is it possible to sign a contract while in Japan?
Yes. Please inquire for more details.
Is the serviced office contract fee refunded when leaving?
No, it is non-refundable.
The contract fee is a charge that includes the cost for basic office setup.
Are there charges for electricity and Internet usage?
The office usage fee (room lease and common service fee) also include both electricity and Internet usage (shared line).
You will not be billed for electricity or Internet service.

About Room Types

What private room types are available?
Various types are available from 1 to 9 people.
For more details, click here (Floor Layout and Pricing).
What amenities are provided in each room?
Desks, chairs, wireless and wired internet access are provided.
Are there other rooms besides the private offices?
Co-working spaces for single use are available.
Otherwise, shared spaces include the reception area, café area, lounge, and meeting rooms.
There is a telephone booth that can be used for making calls.
What services come with the private room contract?
When contracting for a private office, one also can utilize the reception services, café area, lounge, and wireless or wired Internet line at no extra charge. Optional services are >the use of a telephone line, parking spaces, and multifunction printer.For more information, click here (Services and Facilities).

Services and Facilities

Do offices come with a telephone number?
Landline phones are available as an optional extra. Call charges will be charged at actual cost.
Do you provide an answering service at the serviced offices?
Available as an optional extra.
A separate charge is required for obtaining a telephone number.
Can the offices be used 24 hours a day?
Yes. Tenants are free to enter and exit the offices 24 hours a day.
Can we use the conference rooms?
Yes, for an hourly charge.
Are there large meeting rooms?
Meeting rooms for up to 12 people are available.
Are there break areas?
Yes. The café area and lounge are common spaces. They are available for the use of tenants and can also be used as waiting areas for visiting customers.
Are there free drinks in the relaxation areas?
Yes, free drinks are available. Coffee and mineral water are available in the common café area.
Is there a parking lot?
Yes. You may use the parking lot after obtaining permission through the serviced office.
There are limits to vehicle sizes and available space, so please consult with us.
Is there printer access?
Yes, a multifunction printer can be used that works as a copy machine, printer and scanner.
When signing a contract for a virtual office, is it possible to use mail forwarding?
Yes. As an optional service, items received in the mail will be forwarded to a designated address. Use of the service requires a fixed monthly fee plus the actual cost of sending the items by mail.
Are the offices closed on holidays?
The serviced offices can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, local staff and reception staff are not present on weekends, Vietnam holidays and the New Year period.
Are there name plates for the office entrance?
Yes, name plates are available for a fee. Please inquire with us for more details.
Are there any other facilities in the building?
There is a bank in the office building which can be used to open new bank accounts or send money.


For inquiries about our serviced offices

Reception hours: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. local time (weekdays only, excluding Vietnam public holidays)

Number in Japan for inquiries


Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (closed weekends and holidays)