Measures to resolve the problem

Establishment of emergency headquarters

To address the problem of construction deficiencies, we have established the “Emergency Headquarters for Parting Wall Construction Deficiencies,” with President and CEO Eisei Miyama as Chief of Headquarters.

Implementation of all-building investigation

We have begun investigations on all properties built by Leopalace21.

Our top priority is the investigation of the Nail series and six series in which deficiencies were confirmed, but we will be investigating all buildings constructed by Leopalace21, including properties currently managed by other companies.

We aim for completion by June 2019, with cooperation from third-party organizations.

Implementation of repair works

When deficiencies are confirmed as a result of investigations, we will take necessary measures such as repair works.
Repair works will be conducted under the responsibility of Leopalace21, with consultation from specific administrative agencies. Expenses will be paid by Leopalace21.

We aim for completion of repair works by October 2019.