Notice Concerning Renewed Leopalace21 Apartment Search Website

December 11,2023

Leopalace21 Corporation (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Bunya Miyao; the “Company”) announced a complete renewal of its apartment search website on December 11 to make it easier and smoother for customers who are starting a new life.

■Company’s Apartment Search Website


With this renewal, we will improve customer convenience by enhancing the search function and realizing efficient user flows to the desired information. In addition, we will provide more user-friendly room search experiences by offering new design and quicker response times.

■Renewal Points

(ⅰ)Incorporation of user perspectives for site design
The website has been revamped with a web design and to seek for a high level of page views per visit combined with ease of viewing and comprehension. The new website is designed to be easy to reach the desired information and to display it immediately.

(ⅱ) Consolidation of six languages
The previous apartment search website had six foreign language websites existed in parallel including the Japanese website. With this renewal, the six languages, namely Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese, have been consolidated into one platform. The new website has enabled smooth language conversion, making it possible for foreign customers to search for apartments smoothly.

■Company Information

Company Name Leopalace21 Corporation
Established August 17, 1973
Head Office 2-54-11 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8622
Representative Bunya Miyao, President and CEO

【For all media inquiries】

Leopalace21 Corporation PR and IR Section
TEL. +81-3-5350-0445 (Office hours:9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday)


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