Guide to Using the IR Site

The page explains how to use our IR website.

Investors Relation Website: TOP page

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  • 株価
  • Stock Price

    You could find stock price information which compares to the last closing price.

  • 資料ダウンロード・月次データ
  • Download the Latest IR Documents

    You could download our financial and non-financial information available in PDF.

    Monthly Data

    You could see our data updated every month including occupancy rates which is one of our KPI.

  • ニュース
  • IR News/IR Calendar

    Please click to switch IR News and IR Calendar.

    IR News

    You could see a list of IR News here.

Other IR Pages

  • その他IRサイト
  • Individual Investors

    Please find the basic information of Leopalace21 for individual investors.

    Financial and business information

    Please find financial information such as financial highlights and segment information, and business information such as monthly data and leasing business indicators.

Breadcrumb Navigation

  • パンくず
  • It shows where you are in the website, organized in a hierarchical manner, and provide an easy and quick way to navigate back to previous layers.

About Icons

PDFアイコン The icon shows a PDF file.
Please download Adobe Reader( to view PDF files.
RSSアイコン We use RSS feed to distribute our news and updates.
If you use an RSS reader or an RSS-compatible browser, you could receive updates about our website promptly.
Searchアイコン You could search in Leopalace21 Site

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