Risk Management

Risk Management System

Regarding the risk management system, in order to comprehensively understand and manage the risks of the Group, we have established the Risk Management Committee as an advisory body to the Board of Directors to conduct company-wide risk management. The Risk Management Committee is chaired by the President and CEO, and is composed of members including lawyers and other external experts and confirms the status of risk management, plans and implements training, etc., and strives to reduce and prevent risks.

Information Management System

The Leopalace21 Group regards all information assets as important and indispensable for company operations. In order to strive for strict management and operation, we have established a basic policy on information security.
In addition, if a problem with information security is discovered and it is determined that it will have a serious impact, the necessary report is made to the Risk Management Committee or the Compliance Committee.


Business Continuity Planning(BCP)

Our business may be severely damaged or lost by natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and other torrential rains; large-scale demonstrations, conflicts, and civil unrest due to terrorism and political instability; outbreaks of infectious diseases; and other unforeseen events that may arise in or outside Japan. To prepare for such risks, we have formulated a business continuity plan (BCP), reviewed it periodically, and held disaster drills in preparation for disasters.
To ensure that our business operations are not interrupted or suspended only for a short period, we will strive to reduce risk by promptly identifying internal and business damage and taking appropriate measures to restore operations and prevent damage from spreading.

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