Employee Engagement

We consider our employees to be one of the most important stakeholders, and promote engagement activities between the management and the employees, as well as between the employees. We make various efforts to make Leopalace21 a valuable workplace where everyone who works can be proud to be a part of the company.

Methods to gauge the engagement level

Bi-annual engagement survey and monthly pulse survey

We conduct an organizational survey every six months and a monthly pulse survey using the survey system Geppo which is provided by Recruit Co., Ltd. The organizational survey is used to gauge employee engagement with the company, identify the characteristics of each organization and level, quantitatively monitor and use the results to revise HR policies and prepare training programs. We carry out the pulse survey by asking employees to answer three simple questions each month, which enables us to regularly monitor the conditions of individual employees and promote communication between managers and subordinates.

Engagement activities

(1) Organized town hall meetings between President and CEO and employees

The President and CEO visits each office to talk directly with employees to strengthen communication throughout the company. This is an opportunity for employees in each office to directly communicate their daily thoughts to the President and CEO so that the company can improve their job satisfaction by quickly addressing their concerns and issues. The QAs and content of the discussions at each site visit are later disseminated to all employees through the online company newsletter.

(2) Made good use of Leoleo, an online company newsletter

We proactively disseminate internal information through the online company newsletter in order to stimulate communication among employees. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics, including messages from senior management and articles focusing on employees' personal lives. Pressing the Like button or writing comments to each article, leads to two-way communication and a more open atmosphere.

Number of Leoleo issuance per year

FY 2021 FY 2022
75 68

(3) Designed a Good Performer Award by monthly mutual vote

The Good Performer Program is an annual internal award program that has been changed from the fiscal year 2023 to one that will lead to the development of a new corporate culture, with emphasis on all employees participation, productivity improvement through voluntary action, and invigorated communication. Specifically, we have made the participation of all employees realizable by introducing a system whereby initiatives eligible for the award are submitted and voted on, and each employee selects an employee who they think commendable each month.

(4) Made a DREAM QUEST Story to synchronize the company's vision

We implemented in 2022 an initiative called DREAM QUEST, in which six teams were formed out of fifty employees through an in-house call for participation. Each team set a theme to improve employee engagement, and presented the theme to the company executives. The plan selected as the best idea in a company-wide vote was realized as Walking Event, which contributed to the improvement of employee engagement. Employees who were engaged in day-to-day sales and administrative jobs at each office actively took part in the event, which provided an opportunity for the participants to think about the company's vision and direction as if they were the participants own.

(5) Implemented one-on-one interview as a routine

We encourage monthly one-on-one interviews between managers and subordinates in order to create an open and comfortable work environment in addition to manager's daily communication with subordinates to quickly identify problems and issues. Dozens of managers who had started their new roles in the fiscal year 2023 participated in a training program to enhance their management skills, to learn and practice the meaning and tips of one-on-one interview and a role which they are supposed to play rather than their management authority. In addition, the HR system has been updated to reflect the appraisal of department managers in charge of each organization in terms of the initiatives and results related to the employee engagement improvement. As a result of responsible department managers' efforts in mutually providing information to try to implement better practices, organizational interest in people management has been growing throughout the company.


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