Declaration to Eliminate Harassment

We adopted the basic policy of eliminating harassment to maintain healthy work conditions and increase mutual trust in the workplace aiming for realizing a vibrant company. We declare the following as a company to eliminate harassment.

  1. We will not tolerate harassment.
  2. We will not overlook any acts of harassment.
  3. We will make serious efforts to eliminate acts of harassment.

We decided to take following initiatives to make effective the declaration to eliminate harassment.

  1. Formulate a basic policy for eliminating harassment
  2. Raise awareness of human rights
    • Since harassment is a violation of human rights, we will raise awareness of human rights within the Company.
    • We will increase everyone's awareness to try to understand others' standpoints and feelings and to behave respecting the difference.
  3. Conduct the training for harassment prevention
  4. Apply stricter penalties against harassment offenders
    • An employee's case is handled for decision by the committee of rewarding and penalizing employees with the Chief of Management Headquarters as chair
    • A director's case is handled for decision by the Board of Directors after the case is deliberated at the nomination and compensation committee chaired by the leading outside director.
  5. Increase effectiveness of consultation desk
    • We will respond to a wide range of consultations and deal with cases, including delicate issues of harassment. We will fairly protect the privacy for both the victim of harassment and alleged harassment offender.

Adopted on April 1, 2020


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