Message from the President

We go on creating new value for society today and in the future.

Leopalace21 has been solving issues related to people and housing through our corporate philosophy of creating new value. We are proud of our 50-year history and the fact that we have been able to continue to be a company that is needed by society.

We face various social issues such as a declining workforce due to the falling birthrate and aging population, appointment of foreign national human resources, digital technological innovation, improving the convenience of the living environment, and responding to climate change. We are looking toward 2030, the target year of the SDGs, and are committed to contributing to society by providing housing for the increasing number of foreign nationals and carrying out environmental initiatives. We will also continue to provide housing solutions for corporate customers to fulfill our role as a provider of social infrastructure.
Our medium- to long-term vision is to strengthen our DX initiatives to improve customer convenience and realize operational efficiency to establish ourselves as a real estate tech company.

We will continue to find a balance between business growth and social responsibility from the sustainability perspective.

Bunya Miyao, President and CEO

May 2024


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