Leopalace21 Group Human Rights Policy

Key Policy on Respect for Human Rights

Leopalace21 Group is committed to respecting the human rights of all people as we are engaged in the daily business activities noting our purpose to create new value and provide better living solutions on the theme of housing.
We hereby developed Leopalace21 Group Human Rights Policy (hereinafter "the Policy") as a higher-level commitment of the principle of respect for human rights and related rules which we describe in the Corporate Ethics Charter, the CSR Procurement Guidelines and in Materiality items based on the Basic Policies on Sustainability.

1. Scope of Application

This Policy applies to all officers and employees of Leopalace21 Group. We also expect suppliers and business partners of all group companies to understand and cooperate with this Policy.

2. Compliance with International Norms

We believe that respect for human rights is the foundation of all business activities and that the protection of human rights is an important responsibility for companies to fulfill.
Leopalace21 Group's respect for human rights is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and follows the principles stipulated in the International Bill of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work related to the core labor standards.

3. Respect for Stakeholders' Human Rights

The Leopalace21 Group respects the human rights of all stakeholders (all employees, suppliers, business partners, local community members, and customers) throughout the entire value chain involved in our business and opposes any discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. We will eradicate harassment, respect the human rights of employees, comply with labor-related laws and regulations, and employee work regulations so that we promote human capital management.
We should not be involved in any unfair labor practices such as child labor and forced labor.

4. Promotion Structure

The Leopalace21 Group will establish a system to implement this Policy, and the Director in charge of Sustainability will be responsible for overseeing the compliance and implementation of this Policy.

5. Human Rights Due Diligence

The Leopalace21 Group will be engaged in its business activities while protecting the human rights of its stakeholders through a framework of human rights due diligence.
We will assess and identify human rights risks through its business activities and in its supply chain management, report negative impacts on human rights to the top management, and under its responsibility, continuously work to prevent and mitigate human rights risks.

6. Remedies and Corrections

The Leopalace21 Group will respond appropriately to remedy any situation in which it becomes clear that our business activities have caused or contributed to a negative impact on human rights.
Specifically, we have established compliance hotline services in-house, outside of the Company, and for the Audit & Supervisory Board Members to receive consultations and reports when officers and employees discover violations of laws and regulations or misconduct, and others. In accordance with whistleblower protection and our internal whistleblowing rules, we will protect whistleblowers and take appropriate action based on the investigation results to remedy any problems.

7. Training

We will repeatedly provide training to its officers and employees as necessary to put this Policy into practice.

8. Dialogue

We will strengthen the Leopalace21 Group's efforts to respect human rights through dialogue with external stakeholders, including NGOs and industry associations.

9. Information Disclosure

The Leopalace21 Group will disclose the progress of its efforts to address negative human rights impacts on the website and integrated reports.

Formulated November 22, 2023


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