Medium-term management plan

Medium to Long-term Strategies

Leopalace21 is working to resolve the construction defects problem, implement measures to prevent recurrence, and enhance governance in order to recover the trust that was damaged by the construction defects problem. In addition, we have worked on drastic structural reforms, including the transfer and withdrawal from non-core and unprofitable businesses.


Numerical Target

Numerical Plan

* Net income refers to "net income attributable to shareholders of the parent".
** Numerical targets reflect the latest plan.

Numerical Plan - Graph(PL)

Net sales

(JPY million)

Gross profit

(JPY million)

Operating income

(JPY million)

Net income

(JPY million)

Numerical Planning Graph (BS)

Interest-bearing debt

(JPY million)
  • Interest-bearing debt = borrowings + lease obligations + bonds
  • Does not factor in prepayment of borrowings, refinancing, or conversion of stock acquisition rights.

Ownership equity

(JPY million)

Cash and deposits

(JPY million)

Net assets

(JPY million)

External Assessment

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