Sustainability Promotion System

The Group has established a Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors, that meets every three months to promote sustainability management initiatives which the Board of Directors instructs the whole company as part of the Group's business. The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Sustainability Officer and is composed of persons in charge of sustainability from each department. The Committee checks the progress of initiatives in line with the Basic Policies on Sustainability, discuss future directions, and take other actions to promote sustainability. In light of the changing needs of the times and in response to ISO 26000 and other guidelines, the Company has established five-theme Basic Policies and are implementing it to further develop the sustainability activities through business.
The Company aims to create new value together with all stakeholders by promoting sustainability activities in line with the Basic Policies.

Activities of the Sustainability Committee

  • Following are the major agenda items at the Sustainability Committee.

    • Proposal of the materiality
    • Each department's report on plan and progress of sustainability activities
    • Information disclosure on TCFD recommendations
    • Share the sustainability activities by the Group companies
    • Report on CDP score
    • Initiatives to disclose HR capital management
  • サステナビリティ委員会の様子

Other activities

  • The Sustainability Committee organized following events apart from holding quarterly meetings for FY2022.

    • Training for Directors and Officers on TCFD
    • In-house general training on TCFD
  • TCFD役員向け研修の様子


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