Sustainability Policies

We devised in 2013 a new Basic CSR Action Policy (renamed Basic Policies on Sustainability in 2022) with five themes in response to the changing needs of its stakeholders, social and environmental problems, and the requirements of ISO26000 as well as other standards and guidelines.
Based on compliance and corporate governance that supports its businesses, we intend to implement Sustainability activities in accordance with the policy, with the aim of "creating new value" together with all of its stakeholders.

We go on creating new value for society today and in the future.

Basic Policies on Sustainability

01Providing High-quality Services and Supporting Affluent Living

Leopalace21 continues to offer the tenants comfortable and convenient living space through new lifestyle proposals in response to the changing needs for rental housing amid the social diversification.

02Contributing to the Local Communities

To keep everyone live with peace of mind, Leopalace21 as a housing supplier is working with the members of the local communities.

03Creating Pleasant Work Environment and Developing Diverse Human Resources

Leopalace21 regards human resources as critical asset to create new value as stated in the corporate philosophy and aims to build pleasant work environment.

04Creating an Environmentally Friendly Society

Leopalace21 recognizes the environmental burden of its operations and aims to realize its housing business as friendly as possible to the environment through overall reduction of burdens.

05Engaging in Sound, Constructive Communication with Stakeholders

Leopalace21 is building sound and constructive partnership with all the stakeholders in the operations through active disclosure attitude and engagement discussions.


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