Strengths and Competitiveness

1. Managing approximately 550,000 apartment units specialized in studio type equipped with furniture and home appliances nationwide

Almost all apartments that we provide nationwide are equipped with furniture and home appliances. Therefore, tenants could reduce the number of belongings that have to be transported upon moving, the initial cost to start the daily life, and the cost of moving out since they do not need to purchase or dispose furniture and appliances.

Typical set of furniture and appliances in a room

2. Being used by approximately 74% of listed companies because of reducing the burden of our customers

Companies in all kinds of industries, including construction industry, temporary staffing and outsourcing industry, retail industry, and manufacturing industry, have contracts with us. In addition, approximately 74% of listed companies throughout Japan have used our apartments.
The wide range of industries and low level of reliance on any particular companies ensures safe and secure environment for the client companies to use our services.
On top of that, because the Company is not affected by the business performance of particular industries or companies, we can constantly secure a stable number of contracts.

3. Unparalleled and original leasing business expertise upgraded in accordance with changing times

To provide comfortable lives to our tenants, we offer apartments with "furniture and home appliances", "internet", and "living environments which installed real estate tech". Those values of our properties enhance the market competitiveness of our apartments as well as customer satisfactions.
We could offer a monthly contract with a period of 30 days or more besides of an ordinary leasing contract, and all the procedures for both types of contracts are conducted online, by our web-based customer service, web-based room viewing, and web-based rental agreement signing.
Leopalace21 is keeping high occupancy rate by providing various leasing styles and services, and developing diversified channels to attract tenants.

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