Quality Control

Leopalace21 provides high-quality, safe, and secure products that satisfy our customers, as well as services that lead to comfortable living, and promote social contribution activities through our core businesses.

Construction quality control system

Leopalace21 has created a manual covering everything from the development stage of rental housing products to design and construction in order to ensure that residents have a comfortable daily life, and we have achieved "creation of a safe and secure home" by implementing these process.
We have already completed new apartments with a reborn construction quality control system, and we have received high praise from the owners.

施工品質① 開発プロセス 施工品質② 検査体制 施工品質③ 工程検査 施工品質④ 研修制度
施工品質① 開発プロセス 施工品質② 検査体制 施工品質③ 工程検査 施工品質④ 研修制度

Construction QualityDevelopment Process

Leopalace21 subdivide the process from the development stage and conduct detailed examinations, including compliance with laws and regulations.

In product development, the development process is subdivided, and the Compliance Promotion Department examines and confirms details in each process including compliance with laws and regulations.

Product development process

We ensure high quality from the development stage by stipulating the departments and rules regarding examination of legal compliance in product development.


Construction QualityInspection System

The process from start to completion is divided into 12 processes (in the case of fireproof steel structures), and each process undergoes a three-step, in-house inspection by the contractor, the person in charge of the site, and the construction supervisor.

In order to properly implement process management and construction management, we conduct three stages of in-house inspections for each major process, and the construction supervisor confirms whether construction is being carried out according to the design documents and gives an approval.

Audit by the Construction Legal Group of the Compliance Promotion Department

In addition to the 3-step in-house inspection and approval by the construction supervisor in the main process, the Construction Legal Group of the Compliance Promotion Department may conduct an audit to ensure that construction is being carried out according to the construction manual and design documents. Through audits, we check whether the system and processes for maintaining construction quality are functioning properly.

  • 検査体制

Construction QualityProcess Inspection

In the process inspection, we ensure the construction quality by "executing appropriate construction management" and "visualizing the site".

We divide the process from start to completion into 12 processes (in the case of fireproof steel structures), and in each process, after internal inspections by the contractor and the person in charge of the site, we have a triple check system that is approved by the construction supervisor. The work cannot proceed to the next step unless the construction supervisor approves it.
In addition, the Architectural Legal Group checks these from an auditing perspective.
In addition, in the main process, we thoroughly observe the site with the client, and explain the construction status while checking the design documents and construction quality standards.

Construction QualityTraining

We conduct training in order to maintain a system that manages high-standard construction quality.

We conduct general training on the design purpose of each product, the importance of construction quality and construction supervision, etc. for our construction personnel and cooperating contractors, as well as training on building laws and regulations for in-house personnel. In addition, by conducting training as necessary, such as training by third-party instructors, we will unify the recognition of products and construction, and maintain construction quality at high standards.

Quality control system after construction

Regular maintenance

In principle, the apartments managed by Leopalace21 are inspected once a year, so that owners and tenants can use them safely and comfortably.
For this reason, in preparation for repairs and maintenance of apartments owned by owners, owners contract a "Building Maintenance Contract (BM)" to level out repair time schedule and repair costs. We will repair the indoor equipment such as interior material and flooring material.
In addition, the building inspection in principle has been carried out once a year with the inspection items increased from 50 items to 100 since April 2021.



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