DX Promotion

Leopalace21 has introduced various DX solutions such as the electronic contract management service, smart locks and the web-based rental agreement signing service. In order to respond to drastic changes in the business climate including advances of digital technology and decline in working population, the Company will promote DX to improve productivity and enhance competitiveness, with the "DX Strategy" formulated in August 2022.

DX Vision


DX Promotion Structure


DX Strategy Four Strategic Themes and Key Measures


DX Activities

Web-based Customer Service

Leopalace21 (the "Company") can assist customers' apartment-hunting and deal with various inquiries via video calling from anywhere they like such as their home. The customers can enjoy the same level of services including receiving information about rooms without visiting Leopalace21 leasing offices.

Web-based Room Viewing

It is a real-time service of video calling which enables a customer to take a look at the room and to talk to a Leopalace21 staff. By using a smart phone or a tablet device, the customer can check the conditions of furniture and home appliances and ask the staff to measure the dimension of particular parts of the room and to send video image of the apartment surroundings. It is the time and money saving inspection without visiting the room from a remote place before relocation due to educational reason or company transfer, which comes with additional benefit of involving family members or friends in the process of room inspection and concluding the rental agreement.

Web-based Rental Agreement Signing

  • The Company launched the web-based signing service for rental agreement in June 2019 based on Itandi, Inc.'s platform which enables the customer to conclude the rental agreement without visiting the leasing office. The Company has started the service of non-face-to-face key handover without visiting the leasing office for the process of signing the agreement to move-in since February 2020.
    In order to deal with new normal of "with Corona", the Company has rolled out the web-based Rental Agreement Signing service for the apartment rooms at any directly managed leasing offices since September 2020. All process of concluding the agreement can be done through internet; sending an on-line application form of tenancy, forwarding identity verification documents and listening to the explanation on important matters over video call, hence complete all the necessary steps through non-face-to-face contact.

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Installing Smart Locks

  • Leopalace21 has started to install the smartphone-enabled "Smart Locks" to 440 thousand apartment units under management since June 2022 with the aim of increasing the tenants' convenience by unlocking the entrance doors with a smartphone or other ways instead of a door key. The introduction of "Smart Locks" not only saves the tenants' time from visiting the leasing sales office for key hangover, such as room viewing during their apartment hunting or move-in after conducting the contracts, but also prevents tenants from face-to-face key hangover procedure as a protective measure against infectious diseases. It brings about the benefits to the tenants of being free from paying attention to the key when going out and to the owners of enhancing the value of existing properties by increased security due to additional functionality such as self-locking door.

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