Initiatives to Respect Human Rights

Promote Employment of People with Disabilities

We believe that providing opportunities for a broad range of human resources with diverse backgrounds and values will contribute to the creation of new value and greatly help the Company to grow. We established Leopalace Smile Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary, for the employment of people with disabilities in August 2009.
We provide a rewarding place to work for all and have achieved the legally mandated employment rate, and the rate has been increasing year by year.

Conduct Training for Foreign National Nursing Care Staff

We offer training programs to improve the skills of our foreign national staff in response to the increasing number of foreign national staff as a solution to the chronic labor shortage problem faced by the nursing care industry as a whole. We aim to develop human resources who can work in Japan over the long term, not only by improving communication skills required in nursing care, such as by focusing on the Japanese language necessary for nursing care work, but also by acquiring nursing care qualifications and learning kanji (Chinese characters) and keigo (honorific language) with a view to passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

For other diversity and inclusion initiatives, please see Diversity in Human Capital Management.


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