Sustainability Activities(ESG)

Leopalace21 promotes sustainability activities such as improving housing environments by promoting DX, cooperation with the local communities at Azumi En in Elderly Care business, creating pleasant work environment which respects diversity, and aiming to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Environment

    Leopalace21 has established its own environmental management system to make our business activities, including responses to climate changes and offering Leopalace Green LP Gas with virtually zero CO2 emissions, as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Social

    Leopalace21, providing a social infrastructure for corporate housing, aims to contribute to a stable supply of rental housing and thereby contribute to achieving a sustainable society. Also, since we consider human resources as an important capital of the Company, we promote DX solutions to boost our productivity for maximizing the value of our human capital.

  • Governance

    We consider developing and strengthening corporate governance to be a key management issue. In order to enhance the corporate value over the medium-term, and achieve sustainable growth, Leopalace21 continue our efforts to make management efficient, fair, and highly transparent.


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