Compliance Promotion Initiatives

①Compliance training that reflects the voices of each employee

Leopalace21 Group is working to improve the awareness and knowledge acquisition of each officer and employee in order to promote compliance. In addition to understanding the basic concept of compliance, we conduct group training and E-learning on themes that meet the needs of the times, such as harassment prevention and handling of personal information.
In addition, we regularly and continuously strive to further improve our compliance and ethics by disseminating information as appropriate in line with revisions to various laws.

Compliance awareness survey

  • コンプライアンス意識調査
  • We are working on a drastic reform of our corporate culture as a measure to prevent a recurrence of the construction defects problem. The President and CEO gave a message to all employees stating that compliance first is the management policy in July 2019. Under this circumstance, 83% of executives and employees answered that they were aware of compliance in the 2019 survey, whereas the percentage increased to 98% in the 2024 survey. We were able to confirm that there are many officers and employees who are conscious of compliance in their work and are taking some measures.

Recurrence prevention questionnaire

  • 再発防止アンケート
  • In the 2023 recurrence prevention questionnaire, 36% of executives and employees answered that they think the corporate culture has changed for the better, an increase of 8 points compared to three years ago. The main reasons are as follows:

    • I began to act after confirming that there were no problems with related departments and employees, such as laws and regulations, compliance, and work regulations.
    • Compared to before, the working environment has become easier to report, consult, and communicate.
    • My attitude and thinking are becoming more flexible, and the working environment is changing to make it easier to work than before.

Workplace harassment questionnaire

  • 職場におけるハラスメントアンケート
  • The workplace harassment questionnaire conducted in 2024, 73% of executives and employees answered that "the hotline is reliable (Yes)" as a consultation service, an increase of 24 points compared to three years ago.
    The main reasons are as follows:

    • I can feel the attitude of changing or trying to change to a transparent company.
    • Consideration is given to anonymity and consultation employees.
    • I think that the presence of the counter is a reliable source of security and a reliable place to express individual opinions.

    As a reason for "unreliability (No)", there were answers such as "I don't know because I have never used it."

Guidelines on Customer Abuse of Employees

We adopted the Guidelines on Customer Abuse of Employees in order to realize our goal of Customer First and to continue to provide services that satisfy our customers.
We will take action in accordance with the guidelines when any customer speech or behavior is found to have a significant negative impact on the way we treat other customers or on the way our employees perform their duties.

②Promotion of self-propelled compliance in each department and affiliated companies

Each department appoints a compliance officer and person in charge as a system to actively implement measures related to compliance at the business execution site, and each person carries out their duties.

Response to compliance violations

In the event of a compliance violation, the compliance manager and compliance person in charge will take the lead and promptly take the necessary measures to address the incident.

【Specific measures】

  • Collecting and creating materials that serve as evidence
  • Confirmation with customers, etc.
  • Fact-checking of employees who committed violations
  • Confirmation and reporting to the government, etc.

In addition, the response status is added to the "Report on Compliance Violation Occurrence" as needed, and the response status is reported to the Compliance Promotion Department as a follow-up report.

Flow of response at the time of occurrence

The person in charge of compliance shall familiarize officers and employees in their department with respect to the rules on a daily basis so that compliance violations and the risk of compliance violations do not occur within their departments. In case the unlikely event that an officer or employee within their department discovers a compliance violation or the possibility of such violation, we have established an environment in which they can immediately report it to the person in charge of compliance.
We ensure that officers and employees in their departments are thoroughly informed of the following so that they can report to the compliance manager if something happens in their department.

  • Do not hesitate to report or consult with the person in charge of compliance in the event of a compliance violation or the possibility of such violation.
  • Do not treat unfavorably on the grounds of having made a report or consultation.

③Compliance consulting service

Compliance hotline

To handle cases where legal violations or similar acts by officers and employees are discovered, the Group has established compliance hotline services to deal with the associated consultation and reporting in-house (the Compliance Promotion Headquarters), outside of the company (a law firm), and for Audit & Supervisory Board members (the Audit & Supervisory Board).
The Compliance Hotline protects whistleblowers in accordance with the whistleblower protection and our internal whistleblower regulations, and also takes appropriate measures based on the results of investigations to improve problems. In addition, the "business partner hotline" is a contact point for consultation and reporting in the event that officers and employees of business partners who have ongoing business transactions with our company discover legal violations or misconduct at our company.

Whistleblowing contact

A business partners hotline

Receipt of Whistleblower Reports through Hotline Contacts
Hotline for Business Partners (Japanese only)

④Anti-Bribery Policy

We established the anti-bribery policy and work on the prevention of bribery in all countries and regions where we operate the business.

Anti-Bribery Policy

⑤Responses to anti-social forces

We clearly state in our Corporate Ethics Charter that we shall "resolutely oppose all antisocial forces." We have no relations with anti-social forces or organizations that threaten the social order and safety and stand firmly against them.
The Group has established detailed rules for the exclusion of anti-social forces, and has appointed a person in charge of preventing unreasonable demands at each office to build a system that does not yield to unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
In addition, with the Human Resources and General Affairs Department and the Compliance Promotion Headquarters as the departments in charge of handling incidents, we have established a system to discuss and respond to related departments, including the Compliance Committee and Risk Management Committee, as well as external specialized organizations, depending on the case.

⑥"Change Day 5.29"

Leopalace21 established May 29 every year as "Change Day 5.29"

In order to regain the social trust, we established May 29 every year as "Change Day 5.29" to remind ourselves that each of the officers and employees in Leopalace21 Group should play an integral role in the restoration challenge, and to pledge to make continued emphasis on preventing the recurrence of construction defects.

On May 29, 2018 we released the "Notice Concerning Construction Deficiencies of Apartment Parting Walls (six series)" and made a sincere response by disclosing the other construction defects which we subsequently discovered during the course of all-building investigations. On May 29, 2019 we announced the "Notice Concerning Causes and Measures to Prevent Recurrence of Construction Defects" based on the final report and recommendations by the External Investigation Committee.

The purpose of establishing the "Change Day 5.29" is to have time to look back and remember the regrettable series of the problems so that the memories never fade away with the times. We will continue to conduct employee training and implement a variety of measures under the leadership of the Compliance Promotion Headquarters. We will also announce the state of these initiatives as needed.

Bunya Miyao, President and CEO
Established on May 29, 2020


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