CSR Procurement Guidelines

The Leopalace 21 Group is striving to drastically review its operations by establishing a corporate culture that emphasizes customer-oriented approach and a policy of compliance first.
The Leopalace 21 Group has established the guidelines, believing that it is essential to promote CSR procurement in cooperation with suppliers as our business partners in order to conduct business activities as a company that contributes to society as a whole, as stipulated in its Mission Statement.
We ask our suppliers to understand the purpose and content of these guidelines.

1. Compliance with laws and social norms

  • We will observe the laws, regulations, and social norms of the countries and regions in which we operate.

2. Respect for human rights

  • We will respect the dignity and fundamental human rights of all people, including customers, business partners, and employees, and prohibit discrimination and harassment based on gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • We will respect the human rights of our employees, comply with labor-related laws and regulations, and rules of employment, strive to maintain a healthy and safe work environment, and promote management caring for the employees' health.
  • We will prohibit unfair labor practices such as child labor and forced labor.

3. Fair business activity

  • We will prevent corruption by bribery, etc.
  • We will prohibit all employees to request entertainment and gifts by the business partners that deviate from sound business practices or social common sense.
  • We will cut off all relations with anti-social forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of society and hinder fair economic activities.
  • We will promote fair business activities without conducting acts that hinder free competition or unfair competition.
  • We will disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.

4. Ensure quality

  • We will establish an appropriate quality control system for the products and services we provide, ensure the required quality, and strive to provide higher quality products and services.
  • We will take all possible measures to ensure the safety of our products and endeavor to secure safety that exceeds the required level.
  • We will make an unbiased selection for the suppliers by seeking fair prices through competitive quotes between the multiple suppliers.
  • We will maintain a market-competitive and fair pricing through proper management of work processes and aim to meet promised delivery and construction due dates.

5. Consideration for the environment

  • We will observe environmental laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which we operate.
  • We will strive to reduce our environmental impact in order to help build a sustainable society.
  • We will strive to reduce and appropriately manage waste.
  • We will conduct business activities considering the surrounding environment and biodiversity.

6. Ensure information security

  • We will establish a management system that ensures proper management and protection of personal and confidential information by paying sufficient attention to the handling of such information.

7. Whistle-blowing system

  • We will develop and improve mechanisms for whistle-blowing to prevent or detect problems at an early stage.
  • We will communicate to employees that the confidentiality of whistleblowers is preserved and they are protected from disadvantages.

8. Establish a risk management system in disaster

  • We will proactively work to develop BCP, business contingency plan, in preparation for disasters.

Enactment date:September 11, 2019


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