Business Strategy

Business Portfolio

We have three business segments: Leasing Business, Elderly Care Business, and Other Businesses, which include operation of resort facility in Guam, finance business and others.
After the Lehman collapse, we adopted business diversification strategy to improve the financial position, but we have been shifting our business strategies to increase profitability for the Leasing Business in line with the drastic business strategy restructuring since FY2020. In addition, we have been promoting withdrawal from non-core and unprofitable businesses.

Incereace Occupancy rate

Increasing occupancy rate is essential for stabilizing the business. We will reform our organizational setup to realize speedy actions by area coupled with prioritized allocation of human resources to Leasing Business. In addition, we aim to increase the number of contracts from corporate and individual customers by continuously implementing leasing sales strategies.

Acquire larger share at each corporate customer

Obtain customer's buy-in for realizing corporate housing strategy as an expert

  • Top-level sales activities
    Involve senior management team in customer interaction for resolving issues.
  • Strengthen sales organizational structure
    Reorganized the sales departments from eight to eleven in Tokyo metropolitan area aiming for increased customer interaction time.
  • Individual customer strategy
    Promote customers' use of rooms by responding to specific customer requirements.

Increase foreign national tenants

Expand sales channels by strengthening relationships with foreign human resources support companies.

Utilize real estate agents and DX

Collaborate with real estate agents

  • Strengthen sales to real estate agents by working with major real estate agents and Village House in Fortress Group.
  • Ratio of contracts with individual customers through agents: 43.3% (+4.4 p YoY ) during FY2022

Attract international students for increased use of rooms

Acquire the increasing demand by international students coming to Japan as a result of relaxation of immigration restrictions. Utilize seven IFCs, and strengthen relationship with real estate agencies and service providers which cater for students' needs.

Online contract

Customers do not need to visit a leasing office related to contract conclusion as they can complete application documents, submit identity verification document on the web site and can have important explanation by video call. All the processes from room searching till room key handover are possible without visiting the leasing office.

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