Leopalace21's Business Model

Leopalace21 comprises three business segments, the Leasing Business, which focuses on apartment construction, leasing, and management, the Elderly Care Business, which mainly operates fee-based nursing homes, and the Other Businesses including the operation of the resort facilities in Guam.
After our announcement of the drastic business strategy reconstruction in 2020, Leopalace21 made the Leasing Business as the core business. Now, the Leasing Business accounts for 90% of our sales.

Leasing Business

We are mainly engaged in leasing and management of apartments through master-lease contracts as well as various rental-related services, broadband services, and other services.


Leopalace21 subcontracts apartment construction by property owners who own vacant sites

2Tenant recruitment and apartment management

After the completion of apartment buildings, Leopalace21 manages all aspects of apartment such as tenant recruitments and managing the apartments.

3Rent Payment

Tenants pay for their rent to Leopalace21 every month.

4Master-lease rents

Leopalace21 pays master-lease rents to property owners every month

Elderly Care Business

We operate community-oriented "group homes", "day services", "short-stay services" and "elderly homes with nursing care services / residential style elderly homes" to meet the needs of the aging society. We also offer services such as home visits and home care support.


Leopalace21 subcontracts the construction of elderly care facilities by property owners who own vacant sites.

2Resident recruitment and management the facilities

Leopalace21 or our subsidiary, Azu Life Care, Inc., operates elderly care facilities after the facilities constructed.

3Fee payment

Residents pay for facility usage fee to Leopalace21 or Azu Life Care, Inc.

4Master-lease rents

Leopalace21 pays master-lease rents to property owners every month.

Other Businesses

Leopalace21 operates Leopalace Resort Guam in Guam which operates golf courses, a hotel, and other facilities. We have decided to sell the property as soon as possible as in the drastic business strategy reconstruction announced in June 2020.

1LEOPALACE GUAM CORPORATION provides services, such as hotel stay and meal, to their guests

2Guests pay for accommodations and other expenses upon their stay to LEOPALACE GUAM CORPORATION

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