Respect for Human Rights

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Leopalace21 Group has expressed our respect for human rights in establishing Corporate Ethics Charter in 2006 and CSR Procurement Guidelines in 2019. In addition, we have publicized internally and externally since 2020 our Declaration on Elimination of Harassment, developed internal rules for prevention of harassment and rules for handling employees' personal information, and formulated action guidelines against customer harassment.
In recent years, respect for human rights in corporate activities has been attracting attention, because companies play a significant role in efforts to respect human rights in their business activities. The Group will continue to work on respecting human rights as part of its corporate social responsibility.
Leopalace21 Group Human Rights Policy applies to all officers and employees of the Group. We expect that the suppliers and other business partners for the Group should understand the Policy and cooperate with us for adhering to it.

Leopalace21 Group Human Rights Policy

Leopalace21 Group is committed to respecting the human rights of all people as we are engaged in the daily business activities noting our purpose to create new value and provide better living solutions on the theme of housing.

Initiatives to Respect Human Rights

Here is an introduction to each of our initiatives based on our human rights policy.


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