Human Resources Development

Our aim is to promote employee training and leadership development, and to facilitate the sustainable growth of each employee during their service in the company. We work to create an environment where learning opportunity is always available and open to anyone who want to take a chance to improve their abilities and skills.

Training objectives

(a) Develop a culture of shared purpose and mutual improvement in order to achieve goals

(b) Make ready an environment where learning opportunity is open and everybody can proactively try their best to grow.

(c) Prepare organizational culture that promotes role succession and investment in the next generation.

(d) Promote an environment that systematically develops talents to become leaders who drive the business, Company, and industry.

Performance management system for developing skills

Performance management is not just used for assessing salary raise and incentive bonus payment.
It has the combined objectives of communicating expectations, placing the right person in the right job, developing skills, and fair treatment.

Implementing 360-degree assessment

As part of our efforts to introduce a performance management system ensuring fairness and transparency, the Company introduced a multifaceted 360-degree assessment.
The system was introduced in December 2020 for department managers, and the scope of the system has been expanded to cover all management positions below the department manager level from the fiscal year ended March 2022.



360-degree evaluation assessment

FY2020 FY2021
621 642

Group coaching

Group coaching provided for 8 department manager.
3 department managers were promoted to executive officers.


Implemented 31 courses in total with average attendance rate of 80% to 90%

Business focused career coach training

FY2020 FY2021 FY2023*
427 617 60

*The training program for FY2023 was intended only for those who had not yet attended the program and for new managers.


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